WebMD offers dangerous junk science-based dietary salt advice…

Salt,sugar, fat, you name it and there is someone making the correlation/causation error, creates a hype and makes life miserable for the gullible. In the past salt was a conservation agent, everything was salted to a point we today couldn’t eat for its extremely salty taste. Still humanity managed to survive and reproduce.


The statistics Ms. Brody reveals are breathtaking: some half a million deaths, and possibly as many as 850,000, could be prevented over the next decade from small reductions in sodium intake. Up to 1.2 million lives could be saved by an instantaneous drop in sodium intake to 1500 mg/d, she says.

There’s just one problem with this rosy forecast that Brody neglects to mention: There has never been a study that’s definitively proven that we can save any lives – let alone a million of them – by reducing our intake of sodium from current levels. All of the figures Brody cites are derived from observational studies that cannot prove cause and effect, or else from clinical trials of blood pressure drugs that assume a similar benefit for sodium restriction (even though the effects on health outcomes may well be different).

Trashing the salt myth


… even though one of its cited “experts” tacitly admits there is no established cause-and-effect relationship between typical/normal/current salt intake and adverse health effects.

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2 thoughts on “WebMD offers dangerous junk science-based dietary salt advice…

  1. Life is always a little bit miserable for the gullible. But at least now I know I can eat pretzels while reading gooblygook on the internet without necessarily shortening my lifespan. That’s more years I can spend being gullible.


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