Why the West is powerless against Islamic violence

Well, that’s simple. You are fighting by the queen’s rules with a bare knuckle fighter. You can’t win from an enemy that commit any atrocity by carefully fighting according to Geneva rules. You’ll need to adapt to their strategies because for sure they aren’t going to do so by yours.
As now in Mali where the famous Surrendermonkeys with a standing army of almost 500.000 highly equipped military try to battle it out with a small group of barely human savages and say they’ll need months to do so. Quite close Algeria shows how to do it. Just go in and destroy as many as you can.

Our civilization, our respect for human rights is our undoing in this global battle. The richly (oildollars) funded fighters for the global caliphate have no such qualms. Slaughter, plunder, slavery, beastly atrocities anything is allowed for their holy fight.

And we have people like Obama, Rompuy having a nice civilized conversation if they don’t mind being nicer if we pay them X amount of money. Billions are now being paid in Jizya (money paid by infidels to moslims to not be murdered) to backward countries like Pakistan,Afghanistan,Egypt with as only result you make yourself look even more weak in the eyes of the jihadists, encouraging further battles.

Chamberlain,Obama have a lot in common.

2 thoughts on “Why the West is powerless against Islamic violence

  1. -“You are fighting by the queen’s rules with a bare knuckle fighter”-

    Soon to be the king’s rules. For what that’s worth. Not a lot, but nevmind. Anyway, hear hear, my thoughts exactly. This is a case of: “in order to preserve our western humanistic/christian/whatever values, we have to engage in some serious slaughter before we can be decent again, and go on with our lives and sort out a lot of other shit that needs attention.”

    We could start (should have started after 9/11) with sending a B-52 (no European country has something similar left, apart from one ‘museum’ Avro Vulcan) to level that black stone in Mecca. Or should have threatended to do so if Saudi Arabia continued its evil doings. As the have and still do. We’re idiots. Tell any Qaida asshole we’ll do so, or something like that, if they continue with their shit. Tell Egypt we’ll kick out one thousand random muslims for every christian that is molested there. It is dirty, it is unfair, but I’m convinced it will work. It might start a civil war here as well, but hey, we haven’t had a decent war for decades.


  2. Yep. Like with that Algerian hostage situation. They wanted a 100 wacko’s released from prison. Sure, decapitate them and throw a sack with their heads on the compound.

    You treat beasts like beasts, not like civilized human beings. Just because they are formally born like homo sapiens doesn’t mean they are human.


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