The disease fat does not exist, part 2

The obesity paradox is no longer.

Conclusions and Relevance Relative to normal weight, both obesity (all grades) and grades 2 and 3 obesity were associated with significantly higher all-cause mortality. Grade 1 obesity overall was not associated with higher mortality, and overweight was associated with significantly lower all-cause mortality.

JAMA can’t deny reality anymore”

As was stated here 3 years ago: The disease FAT does not exist

Obviously anyone who is seriously overweight risks diseases. Bodybuilder or fat couchpotato. There is a margin between which a bodyweight can naturally vary, as it did for eons, there is a lower limit where it gets dangerous for your health and an upper limit. What the current obsession with obesity overlooks is that it’s much much worse to be thin than not.

Only 40 pounds underweight of the average and your life expectancy halves. To reach the same reduction in life expectancy you need to weigh about double the average. And then some since it depends on the way you got overweight. Which daily diet made you overweight. Did it come from greasy fried foods or from a Mediterranean diet?

2 thoughts on “The disease fat does not exist, part 2

  1. It is indeed confusing. To say the least. And then, if you really take all this stuffing yourself with fish oil, broccoli and apples serious, gulp supplements and run them life prolonging miles, it becomes a full time job.


  2. And die anyway in the end, but in a bed soaked in your urine being slapped around by careworkers hopelessly waiting for it to be over.

    People see these images of fit, virile 90+ year olds and think: hey that could be me. Sure, if you are lucky enough to be born with the right genes. But if you have those genes it doesn’t matter much what you eat, you’ll get old anyway, and if you don’t have those genes (about 0.1% has them so the chances are slim) you’ll just add a couple of years slowly rotting away.

    My advice: Never drink that Scottish brew, but only the Irish. 😉


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