No, Asperger is not a disorder

Neuroskeptic tweeted this article

Is an adult with Asperger syndrome sitting in your waiting room?

This developmental disorder affects children and adults and can present challenges to providing medical care.

Silly article


It is a different state of mind, leading to communication disturbances with those who are not blessed with the freedom of mind it gives. We don’t like looking in your eyes because we see the lie. We see the neurotypical playing their games. We see the ape mind staring back at us, through the human eyes. It’s uncomfortable.

Stop making this a disorder, stop treating it as if we are incompetent. It’s you who are incompetent to handle the apebrain inside pulling your strings. We don’t want to be like you, slaves to a anachronistic primal brain which outlived its usefulness.

The anxiety we feel is caused by the high stimulation of the environment you created, full of bright lights, loud music and endlessly nattering people. Sure we like to talk, but not about what auntie Bridget did.

For fuck sake. Stop already.

13 thoughts on “No, Asperger is not a disorder

  1. Read the ‘silly article’. You’re blessed with this freed mind? I often describe myself as ‘semi-autistic’. Never gave Asperger much thought but I seem to tick quite a few boxes. Kathleen Franco’s described boxes that is.


    • Gets up my nose, these psychologists looking for clients. They are like ambulance chasers. There is no treatment that ‘helps’ because there is no problem. All most need is some general advice on how to avoid stressful situations and in some case an SSRI.

      But you don’t make money that way. Anyway, Aspergers ceased to exist as a syndrome with the acceptance of the DSM V which mostly says that everyone is mentally deranged, but just that there are varying degrees.

      Can’t stand their pseudo-science.

      There is a somewhat relevant test that gives an indication if you might come somewhere near one end or the other, it’s not in anyway determinative, but it’s a real part of a real standard test.


      • DSM IV was -as I understood- already enough to make everyone mad. But then, I’m mad as a hatter, so what do I know. . And into airplanes too. Being interested in their aerodynamics is another indication of madness, or so I read on the wiki page about Asperger.

        Keep flying.


      • DSM IV was to create work for psychologists/psychiatrists, DSM V is just the fortification of their jobsecurity. By making the definitions even vaguer and adding more to it anyone can have any disorder at anytime. Everyone is mental, except ofcourse the psychologists/psychiatrists. They are above all that.


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