The evil that is nuanced thinking

The ‘nuanced thought’ mind is fodder for sociologists and psychologists. Unfortunately, those are generally from the same circles where nuanced thought is the yardstick so that won’t result in much. Nuanced thought is a strange kind of phenomenon. It has a negative impact on social cohesion but in a mobius strip-like manner presents itself it as a positive thing. The biggest problem with nuanced thought is that it is based on the principle that homo sapiens is a rational species, free of the primary instincts other mammals carry.

A delusion that is actually pretty easily corrected . Homo sapiens has the same basic brain structures as all other mammals, which are basic structures for an independent operating brain. That brain has total control over the real-time interaction with the outside world. It controls the hormonal balance, the muscles and actually most of the non-autonomous part. This means that the brain is the primary control over our behavior and a major influence on our perception. Unfortunately, this brain cannot speak, it can only manifest itself through the body so as to influence so that the new, recently developed brain notices it and tries to integrate its interpretation of the stimuli.

 It names that manifestation  ‘feelings’ or ’emotions’ because it realized that it was not itself that it originated from but also can not know where it is coming from. The brains are hardly interconnected by nerves. There are some thin horizontal strands, but in comparison to the nerve that connects the two hemispheres, these are virtually non functional.

 What does this have to do with nuanced thought? Nuanced thought does not account for this predominance of a brain structure that is genetically preprogrammed to (re)act to everyday common issues. Because this structure is so old and finished development, it is not possible to change it. It is “hardwired”. Also because it is so old it is not able to adapt to contemporary society and reacts according to the patterns that once, in prehistoric times, were functional but not anymore. On the contrary.

For that reason, nuanced thought is a rational fiction, an abstract representation of reality. Nuanced thought only works in movies and books.

In every day life, it simply does not. Just can not work. The nuanced thought rationale is that things should be done according to a rational pattern, but the reality is that that never happens. Nuanced thought people are therefor cultists. There’s nothing wrong with that, everyone is free to follow any delusion. But history teaches us that once a a cult gets a certain number of followers there is the danger that their ideas are forced into practice.

And that is what we now see, the cult of nuanced thought has strong negative effects on the functioning of our society in causing for example multi-culturalism. A weird concept which assumes that totally opposing cultures can integrate in a short period of time and become a nice, sprinkled with rose petals, happily coexisting society.

One look at Europe’s big cities shows the deficit of this illusion.