Fat is still not Bad

Again reality crashes in on the sin of gluttony doom sayers. Nutritionists keep telling us how bad full-fat dairy is for your health. Just looking at it makes your heart clog up. But science comes (somewhat belatedly) to the rescue. Fat is actually good.

To comprehensively review the data on the relationship between the consumption of dairy fat and high-fat dairy foods, obesity, and cardiometabolic disease.
We have conducted a systematic literature review of observational studies on the relationship between dairy fat and high-fat dairy foods, obesity, and cardiometabolic disease. We have integrated these findings with data from controlled studies showing effects of several minor dairy fatty acids on adiposity and cardiometabolic risk factors, and data on how bovine feeding practices influence the composition of dairy fat.
In 11 of 16 studies, high-fat dairy intake was inversely associated with measures of adiposity. Studies examining the relationship between high-fat dairy consumption and metabolic health reported either an inverse or no association. Studies investigating the connection between high-fat dairy intake and diabetes or cardiovascular disease incidence were inconsistent. We discuss factors that may have contributed to the variability between studies, including differences in (1) the potential for residual confounding; (2) the types of high-fat dairy foods consumed; and (3) bovine feeding practices (pasture- vs. grain-based) known to influence the composition of dairy fat.
The observational evidence does not support the hypothesis that dairy fat or high-fat dairy foods contribute to obesity or cardiometabolic risk, and suggests that high-fat dairy consumption within typical dietary patterns is inversely associated with obesity risk. Although not conclusive, these findings may provide a rationale for future research into the bioactive properties of dairy fat and the impact of bovine feeding practices on the health effects of dairy fat.

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The disease FAT does not exist

2 thoughts on “Fat is still not Bad

  1. Have you ever wondered or written about why the ‘fat is bad’ meme is so widespread? In my mind it is a ‘religious’ instinct connected to moral ‘purity’, fasting and feasting, getting rid of ‘toxins’. Although I steal these ideas from Thomas Szasz, have you any links to similar research? Thanks.


  2. Yes Dirk. I have wondered and am quite sure it is often a quilt trip. Either religious or quilt over the poor starving.

    A bit like: while we are stuffing our faces ‘they’ are starving. A bit of colonial quilt thrown in for good measure.

    Any serious research in that direction has never been done afaik.

    Why it is spread so widely i wrote my opinion here (guess what, it’s money)


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