Alternate views of reality in the Middle East

Being right and getting it is proving ever more difficult. When Jordan annexed a part of the river Jordan’s valley way back that annexation was never recognized by anyone. Nobody cared about a stretch of land in the desert even though originally it was alloted to the Jewish state during the English Mandate.

When Israel took possession of this legally Nomansland after they were attacked by Jordan and others the world cried murder.

Recently an Israeli court ruled quite rightly that:

The panel headed by retired Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy found that the term of occupier is not applicable to Israel since the West Bank never belonged to a Palestinian state and its capture by the Kingdom of Jordan never won international recognition. The team proposed the creation of a special court for property disputes. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu referred the report to the Ministerial Committee on Settlements for decisions on implementation.

the denouncement was fast.

The ever so morally just USA worded:

Washington has sharply criticized the Israeli legal panel ruling that Jewish settlements on the West Bank are not illegal under international law: US State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said Monday: “We do not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity and we oppose any effort to legalize outposts.”

Here we get this having your cake and eat it. Any bunch of ragtag squatters has the right to settle Nomansland except Israel, international law be damned.
Next time the USA makes claims under international law they better look in the mirror the see the hypocrisy on their faces.

2 thoughts on “Alternate views of reality in the Middle East

  1. “Being right and getting it is proving ever more difficult.”

    Indeed. Regarding the Middel-East, it is very difficult to figure out what really happened (happens), by whom and why. Or why not.


  2. Well you can use simple logic. One party has a blossoming free democratic society and contributes in a very substantial way to the common global good with inventions, the other scrapes in the mud living off hand-outs from the global community with no apparent initiative to improve their lives and a charter that calls for the destruction of the other party.

    And actively tries to do just that as proven by endless documented rocket attacks over the years.

    So who do you support/believe? A useless bunch of haters or an asset to the global community?

    What everyone so unbelievably ignores is that Gaza has two (2) frontiers.

    One with Egypt, one with Israel. Both are shut down tight. Even with the current changed Egyptian government. They opened it a bit for 2 weeks but quickly closed it as the influx of Gazan extremists became a menace to the Egyptian stability.

    But who gets the full load of indignation? Their ‘brother’ in the faith? Nope, Israel.

    No muslim nation in the whole world wants to shelter their ‘brothers’, they prefer to house them permanently in camps. Far away from their land. Jordan has expelled more ‘palestinians’ (whatever that maybe) then ever fled from Israel.

    Nobody said a word. Except ofcourse about those awful jews.


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