We shall prove it, regardless objectivity. FAT is bad. Cognitive Dissonance strikes again.

Plos published a nice article exemplifying how deep the cognitive dissonance of the medical world regarding FAT is BAD has become.

The article boldly claims to have added to the case of there being a causal link between BMI and IHD, in other words FAT is BAD. Climate alarmism is spreading as a ‘scientific method’.

See The disease FAT does not exist

What are the facts? BMI is a lousy way to measure body mass. It doesn’t differentiate between muscle mass and other mass, nor by type of other mass. As such is it is virtually meaningless. A calculation that gives the same value to a highly trained heavy weight boxer and a couch potato is definitively faulty.

So the basic assumption is already false, so the whole article is useless. However to add insult to injury the final conclusion heavily promotes the idea that FAT is BAD by suggesting (not proving by any scientific standard) that there is a mathematical calculated link between BMI
(i.e. FAT Oh NO, FAT!!!!)
and IHD and therefore causality is overwhelmingly likely but at the same time admitting that the real causality is NOT BMI but other factors.

It seems there is so much grantmoney floating around to fuel the obesity craze that any paper gets published nowadays in a frantic scramble for the big bucks.

A sad state of affairs indeed.

The offending article (PDF alert):
Proving cognitive dissonance is rampant


Who’d have thought:

Cholesterol of any kind doesn’t change CVD risk

Basic assumption that Cholesterol causes CVD is again proven wrong, but still they don’t get the message.


But statin vendors need not worry. A totally new even more scary reason has been discovered to take statins:

Cholesterol causes Alzheimer!!!!

Quick buy that stuff.

2 thoughts on “We shall prove it, regardless objectivity. FAT is bad. Cognitive Dissonance strikes again.

  1. This happened to a good buddy of mine. He’d recently retired from a factory job and put on some weight. The doc told him his BMI was too high and he was obese. So he harked back to his college days, when he was a football player, and exercised off all his fat.

    His weight remained essentially the same. The doctor said his BMI still said he was obese. So he gave up the exercise, got his fat back, and he’s more content.


    • The reason i got into this was that at the time i did powertraining. So i was pretty bulked up. When i applied for a life insurance they upped my premium by 10% since i was 10% ‘overweight’. Already in itself being 10% ‘overweight’ doesn’t translate 1 on 1 in ( that would only work if they insured the entire population, but they don’t. They preselect the least risky ones so a 10% assumed risk of death doesn’t translate in 10% more risk for them but into something like 0.00001%) so that is already bad enough. But i was ‘overweight’ due to heavier muscles. I argued till i was blue in the face. No dice. So i refused their generous offer to get shafted and started researching this whole weight thing and discovered it is all the usual jumping to conclusions. It’s not being fat that matters, it’s how you got fat. A diet of MacDo’s obviously isn’t healthy. Getting fat on a Mediterranean diet augments your changes of overall survival


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