The Hatebeard phenomenon

Watching current affairs one can’t help but being struck by the correlation between beards, religion/ideology and hate/intolerance. The most rabid examples are the proponents of the Islam, but the same kind of bearded backwardness can also be found in Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, etc.

Those are the determining factors of a HateBeard:

a) Beard, preferably long and unkempt.
b) Mentally and socially living in modes that where current centuries ago
c) Misogyny to an absurd degree
d) Religion
e) Total lack of reason, common sense and civilization

It’s funny in a very sad way how HateBeards just are carbon copies of each other but at the same time fail to see they are. No matter which underlying religion, a HateBeard hates. Hates with a fervor anything not conforming with his antiquated ideology. Hates with a fervor anybody that challenges this ideology and it’s bizarre concepts.

And why are HateBeards suddenly so prominent nowadays? Where they always there but nicely tucked away in some backward sandpit practicing their atrocities hidden from view and has modern science, so despised by them, given them the platform to invade the world with their poisonous filth or has the pressure of the rapidly advancing progress of the civil world unbalanced ever more fragile minds making them more susceptible to the HateSpeech causing an real increase of HateBeards?

Whatever maybe the case, one thing must never be done and that is prohibiting/limiting a HateBeards freedom of speech, a tendency becoming prevalent in western society.

A HateBeard must be given every opportunity to openly show what he stands for: Hate, Intolerance, Suppression of free thought, Submission of women, Lust for Dominance so it is clearly visible. So the more sane part of the world can realize that HateBeards are a menace to all a free world stands for.

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