Autism revisited

Autism has become popular of late. The rate of diagnosed autism rises fast. If this is due to a better awareness or an actual increase is impossible to determine due to a lack of a baseline. It’s unknown what autism rate was so one can’t say if it increases in reality, the awareness causes more diagnosed cases or both.

Wholly based on my own speculation i go for the latter but that’s immaterial.

What is important is that the description of Autism in the DSM, including DSM V, is incomplete. What it does is describing the symptoms of Autism not the whole thing.

As having Asperger myself i can with certainty say that based on my own experiences and those of my peers that Autism is a different state of consciousness which presents the world some symptoms making communication difficult.

This different state of consciousness is obviously hard to describe to someone who doesn’t have it. One can just make an effort similar like explaining a color to a born blind person.

It is a world where thought patterns are more linear, more straightforward. Events have no emotional compound obfuscating, complicating the interpretation.

An event gets analyzed on its face value, without interference. Whereas non Autists see the world through the limbic systems filter, coloring the event, Autists in general don’t.

This frustrates the limbic system to no end. It wants to be heard. I know it’s there, screaming at me, but it’s in a soundproof room. Since this system still has functional control over your hormones it can make life pretty nasty for you. Anxiety/fear is one of the predominant expressions of this frustrated entity. This can in serious cases present itself as tantrums, rage. And that’s what the world at large sees, an anxious person with no or hardly any emotional interaction.

To me my autism is a good thing. I see it works for me by freeing me from the shackles of the limbic system.

The medical profession however sees this different, not fully comprehending it, and offers ‘treatments’ designed to make you behave as if you are controlled by the limbic system. More like them.

But i don’t want to be like them. I want to be me, i don’t have a ‘disorder’. I am different. Not better, not worse. Different.

2 thoughts on “Autism revisited

  1. This is very interesting.

    I have been told that I might have Asperger’s but I don’t think I do and what you said here is why.

    It is very difficult to create diagnostic criteria which accurately describe an altered state of consciouness.


  2. Well it is just a pet theory of mine, not an acknowledged fact. Lurk some Asperger discussion groups, you”ll soon find out if they resemble you or not.

    I’m also convinced that a lot of people get diagnosed with autism who aren’t.

    Autism is getting be like ADHD, a sort for catchall, but not for unruly ones but for people with social issues that don’t present other disorders like schizophrenia.

    Autism tests are imo like any other IQ test. They only show you are good at doing the test, not much else.

    Reason why autism diagnosis are imo very polluted with non-autists who pass the test for other reasons.

    In the end looking for the autism gene will be fruitless till a diagnostic method has been developed to properly separate true autism from ‘whatever it is that resembles it to a degree’


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