In search of the magic anti-FAT wand.

A Better Index of Body Adiposity.

An article were the writer proposes a rather fanciful measuring system to calculate body fat as part of body mass. The body adiposity index (BAI = ((hip circumference)/((height)1.5)–18)).

A quick glance at the material is enough to see that yet again someone jumps to conclusions, and that the method is as flawed as BMI. It’s a backward calculation. It’s like determining the temperature of a certain spot 100.000 years ago by taking todays temperature and extrapolating backwards.

Also Better then BMI isn’t much of a standard, because BMI is/was seriously flawed.

Obviously there’s a need for classifying people for medical purposes, how else can you properly diagnose.

However this preoccupation with ‘prevention’ and ‘riskfactors’ is becoming fast more of a goal in itself then it actually does anything for anyone. And as soon as you start to single out 1 form of causes of death as preferential over others you are bound for a goaldriven study, with confirmation bias all over the place.

Sure, people apparently die of CVD, a lot, but those numbers are by no means unpolluted. Ofcourse cause of death is written frequently up as heart failure, because that always happens when you die. It saves a lot of hassle, and the guy’s dead anyway.

Given the overstressed healthcare in most civilized countries, when people die naturally but before their due time why waste time looking for a reason? So much more easy on the paperwork to write up heart failure. Because it’s not a lie. Evidently his heart failed, because it doesn’t beat anymore. Or take ‘palliative death’ or ‘passive euthanasia’. Put that on your death certificate and you’ll be in a whole lot of problems except in some enlightened countries.

And an update already. Yet another ‘let’s jump to conclusions”
High BMI assiociated with cancer

Listen. It’s simple. If you eat chemical waste you’re bound to get some form of cancer. If, as a side effect this makes you have a high BMI making therefore the correlation High BMI and cancer is absurd.

It’s what you eat that causes nasty changes in your body, not the fat. You can’t say: he’s fat so he has higher risk of cancer.
What you should say is: His diet is unhealthy causing disease and leads, probably, as a sideeffect to obesity.

One seriously wonders what’s the cultural education of these researchers. Since centuries diverse cultures have seen obesity as a sign of wealth and status. Thus obesity was/is rampant. If this ‘link’ between obesity and cancer was so evident, you’d expect a serious clustering of those cancers in those cultures. But one doesn’t.

Theory therefore falsified. Obesity and cancer aren’t related.

Another one: Diabetes. Anyone ever heard of Baklava? Last time i looked diabetes isn’t largely overrepresented amongst arab ethnic groups. That culture has obesity as status symbol and eats sugar by the pound.

All other reasons why this whole effort is wasted one can find in a previous post:
The disease Fat does not exist