Relative Pollution Levels of Diesel And Electric Cars

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By Paul Homewood

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With the recent suggestion from Sir Paul Drayson that diesel cars should be subject to a scrappage scheme to encourage drivers to switch to electric or hybrid vehicles, I started to wonder what the emissions of an electric vehicle might be when power generation emissions are taken into account.

Coal is around 900Kg/Mwh, while gas is around 500. Then there is nuclear, and of course solar, wind and biomass account for around 25%. Lets be generous and assume that biomass is indeed carbon neutral.

Lets assume the average CO2 emissions from generating 1 Mwh is 500Kg (=500g/Kwh). The best power consumption figure I’ve seen is for a Nissan Leaf at 34Kwh/100 miles. This means that the Leaf would indirectly cause CO2 emissions of at least 106g/km. However any dramatic increase in electric vehicle usage is likely…

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Another health myth bites the dust

Another health myth bites the dust

“Dietary calcium intake is not associated with risk of fracture, and there is no clinical trial evidence that increasing calcium intake from dietary sources prevents fractures,” they wrote. “Evidence that calcium supplements prevent fractures is weak and inconsistent.”


Michaelsson has led research that found people who drank the most milk had more bone fractures and were more likely to die within a certain period than people who drank less.



The Dirty Truth About ‘Organic’

The Dirty Truth About ‘Organic’

Passionate advocates of organic farming and foods resemble members of a religious cult, one founded on a “back to Nature” mentality. They are not so fundamentalist, however, that they do not make concessions to reality. For example, organic standards arbitrarily define which pesticides are acceptable, but allow “deviations” if based on “need.” Synthetic chemical pesticides are generally prohibited, although there is a lengthy list of exceptions in the Organic Foods Production Act, while most “natural” ones are permitted (and the application of pathogen-laden animal excreta as fertilizer is allowed). The decisions are made in a murky process that combines agronomy, lobbying, and fundamentalism.

The permitted “organic” pesticides can be toxic. As evolutionary biologist Christie Wilcox explained in a 2012 Scientific American article: “Organic pesticides pose the same health risks as non-organic ones. No matter what anyone tells you, organic pesticides don’t just disappear.”

Ironically, the designation “organic” is itself a synthetic construct of activists and bureaucrats that makes little sense. That brings us to another anomaly: Organic agriculture is based on agreed, allowed sets of principlesand techniques, but it has little to do with the ultimate quality or composition of the final products. For example, if prohibited chemical pesticides or forbidden pollen from genetically engineered plants wafts onto and “contaminates” an organic field, guess what? The farmer gets a mulligan: He does not lose his organic certification.

Are organic foods healthier? They have never been shown to have health (or, for that matter, environmental) benefits; some studies have shown higher levels of certain anti-oxidants, but the significance of that, if any, is unknown. It may even be undesirable; recent medical research has shown that the administration of anti-oxidants blunts the strength-enhancing effects of exercise. In any case, the finding may be a statistical anomaly, because the science of statistics tell us that if you measure a large number of parameters in, say, two plants or other organisms that are identical (or even if you perform blood tests repeatedly on the same individual), purely by chance some differences will appear to be present if we define a statistically significant difference the way that scientists commonly do.

American Council on Science and Health

Europe’s future, think twice about having children

Europe’s future, think twice about having children

In talks, Muslim militant coalition seeks independent Islamic state in southern Thailand

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Muslim militant leaders in talks with Thai authorities to end a deadly insurgency said Thursday they are seeking an independent state and are ready to negotiate a solution.

Six insurgent groups, united in a coalition called the Pattani Consultative Council, participated in three days of informal peace talks ending Thursday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“We want to stress that we did not drop our demand for independence. That will be the final aim for the Pattani struggle, but we are ready to sit at the negotiation table to find a solution that will give Muslims the right to determine their own future” in the predominantly Buddhist country, council representative Abu Hafez Al-Hakim told a news conference.

He said the Pattani people will ultimately decide whether the solution will be an independent state or autonomy under the Thai government for the three southernmost provinces. More than 5,000 people have been killed in the insurgency since 2004.


or maybe

Thailand links Bangkok shrine bomb to Chinese Uighurs for first time
Thai police chief blames last month’s deadly bombing on a people smuggling network that trafficked Uighurs and was angered by Thailand’s recent crackdown on their trade


Well you get the meaning. Islam, Religion of Peace

Heart disease drug speeds up ageing process

Heart disease drug speeds up ageing process

Heads i win tails you lose….. Anyway the effectiveness of statins as a firstline treatment were not present, as in they just didn’t do any good. Actually they did more damage since the side effects can be life threathening.

Now another nail in the coffin of this moneymaker comes to light, it makes you get older faster. Now everyone wants get old, but nobody wants to be old so speeding aging up is not a good thing.

Scientists have found the heart disease drug badly affects our stem cells, the internal medical system which repairs damage to our bodies and protects us from muscle and joint pain as well as memory loss.

Last night experts warned patients to “think very carefully” before taking statins as a preventative medicine.

A GP expert in the field said: “They just make many patients feel years older. Side effects mimic the ageing process.”

The new research by scientists at Tulane University in New Orleans has reignited the debate about statin side effects which many doctors say have been played down.

They include memory loss, muscle pain, diabetes, cataracts, liver dysfunction, diabetes, fatigue and memory loss.

Sunday Express

Climate change politics and the Volkswagen scandal


VW didn’t commit fraud at all. It just made sure the test results as prescribed came as necessary. Nowhere is it stipulated testresults should reflect daily use. Which anyway is impossible because it depends mostly on drive style.

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Image problem for VW Image problem for VW
Clive Crook at Bloomberg says there are several scandals linked to the VW diesel debacle. Here we’ll focus on one of them, related to so-called climate policies. Was the ‘dash for diesel’ ever a rational policy?

A third scandal, even more costly than the first two, also needs to be noticed and examined. It concerns the economic and environmental policies that first set European car manufacturers and consumers on course to this pile-up.

Remember that “clean diesel” was a government-led initiative, brought to you courtesy of Europe’s taxpayers. And, by the way, the policy had proved a massively expensive failure on its own terms even before the VW scandal broke.

It’s this scandal that teaches the most important lessons.

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